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Gary Oftedahl: When You’re Too Close to Your iPad..

I think I may have a problem, but it’s not clear exactly what it is, or if it even truly is a concern. I’m not a “techie” so to speak. I have trouble figuring out how to enter the code for my garage door opener without making some fundamental mistake, due to a deficit embedded in my cerebral cortex at some level. But that is not coupled with an associated lack of interest in new technologies, or a fascination with what they might become. In that way, I become a “dangerous student” as new devices are presented to me.

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  • @glynelwyn: Medicine is getting harder to practice. Shared Decision Making gets back to the root of our practice. #sdmicsi 21 hours ago
  • Patients worry: Will I get worse care if I voice disagreement? If I ask questions? Shared Decision Making can help. #sdmicsi 22 hours ago




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