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Gary Oftedahl:Thriving, not just surviving, a time for sharing and learning

Slightly over a year ago, I referenced the sense of “drinking from the fire hydrant” in discussing the challenge of incorporating all the information flooding our senses as we work on transforming health care. ( At the heart of this was an invitation to attend the annual ICSI/IHI Colloquium, as an opportunity to hear from many of those involved in the ongoing efforts. Over 500 of our friends and colleagues–an attendance record–took advantage of that event, which was a great success.

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  • @glynelwyn: Medicine is getting harder to practice. Shared Decision Making gets back to the root of our practice. #sdmicsi 21 hours ago
  • Patients worry: Will I get worse care if I voice disagreement? If I ask questions? Shared Decision Making can help. #sdmicsi 22 hours ago




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