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Gary Oftedahl: Making RARE personal–another “common(s)” conundrum

In my last blog, I began to link some of the thinking from the area of socio-economics with regard to resource utilization (the “commons dilemma”) to our evolving work in addressing hospital readmissions in Minnesota ( ). While the connection is perhaps tenuous, it has created an interesting dialogue, and one that seems worth pursuing. But as is often the case with my musings, it raises another specter that will challenge us as we move this forward.

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  • @glynelwyn: Medicine is getting harder to practice. Shared Decision Making gets back to the root of our practice. #sdmicsi 23 hours ago
  • Patients worry: Will I get worse care if I voice disagreement? If I ask questions? Shared Decision Making can help. #sdmicsi 23 hours ago




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