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Kent Bottles: Second Life & Twitter: Expanding My Understanding of Health Care Innovation

I have never met Robin Ashford in person, but she has become my go-to resource for all things in “Second Life” and augmented reality. I don’t remember the first time I noticed her on Twitter, but it probably helped that her avatar is very colorful and noticeable (check it out at @rashford). She recently tweeted me on a new blog post about her experiences as the National Library of Medicine-supported Karuna Consumer Health Librarian on Second Life ( ).

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Gary Oftedahl: Is it just me….

Is it just me? Or is the level of civility dropping at a rate faster than the pull of gravity? Is it just me—or has the rush to conclusions accelerated to a rate which appears incompatible with the capability of the human brain to make rational decisions? Is it just me—or has the level of partisanship and division amongst us reached a chasm which exceeds anything described in the Institute of Medicine report, Crossing the Quality Chasm?

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Kent Bottles: Health Care Reform: Maybe We Should All Take a Deep Breath

The Gartner Research Hype Cycle is on my mind today, one day after the House passed the Senate health care reform bill and a reconciliation bill to make some adjustments that now the Senate has to consider. However, as soon as President Obama signs the first bill, the law of the land will be the Senate version of health care reform. Even if the Senate does not pass the second reconciliation bill, health care reform has been achieved. As a health care reform junky, I am now trying to figure out why everyone is so worked up.

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Gary Oftedahl: Convergence–at least to a connector

If I were to write a book, I think it would have to somehow reflect what appears to be a universal sense of convergence. The more I read, and expose myself to new ideas, the more it becomes obvious to me that many books are recapitulations or reframing of previously described concepts and approaches.

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Kent Bottles: We Need Both Evidence-based Medicine and Patient-based Medicine

Sometimes I feel as though I am trapped between two worlds that should know each other better and that definitely need each other. And yet, these two worlds seem to be made up of good people who mean well, but who also talk past each other. They really do not understand each other at all.

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Gary Oftedahl: Mindset, change, and health care

For the past 3 ½ years, I’ve had the opportunity to participate as a catalyst and convener in the DIAMOND initiative in Minnesota. Working through a large multi-stakeholder approach, a collaborative model for addressing the care of depression in primary care has been implemented in over 80 clinics. Associated with this is an evolving effort to identify and develop a payment methodology redesign that would support the sustainability of this effort. Needless to say, it’s been a tortuous, at times contentious, journey, but filled with breakthroughs, dramatic improvements in care, and individual patient stories which fill many of us with pride.

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Kent Bottles: Do Humans Really Know Themselves Any Better Than Killer Whales? Implications for Health Care Reform

If I am reading the tea leaves correctly my Twitter stream is telling me that we really don’t know what we want in regards to health care reform, and we really don’t know why the killer whale killed the experienced and dedicated trainer in Florida.

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Gary Oftedahl: Drinking from the fire hydrant: Learning together

In the past year, I’ve gone from being a novice with little or no knowledge of social media, to having an active presence (albeit a small one compared to many) on Twitter, a weekly blog post (if only read by me, still of value) and a Facebook account (still trying to see the value of that one).

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