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Gary Oftedahl: What’s in a title….Chief What?

I love my job title. On the other hand, at times, I dislike my job title. On the surface that would seem to be a conflicted and schizophrenic statement. But it reflects the fluctuation in my emotions, depending on the time, day, and situation. But what is in a title? Let me explore that a bit, in this attempt at therapeutic venting and self realization.

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Gary Oftedahl: A Reading List from the ICSI Colloquium

If you’ve followed my blog posts over the past 10 months, you’ve gathered I’m an inveterate and insatiable reader. In addition to a love of mysteries, thrillers, and spy novels (I just finished my 15th Lee Child book–61 Hours–so it’s not all about work), I find significant energy from reading books which challenge and provoke my thinking. For your perusal, below is my fourth annual book drawing summary, provided as a service to those who attended our annual ICSI Colloquium–the Cliff note version if you will. Enjoy!!

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Kent Bottles: American Medical Schools Are Not Preparing Students for 21st Century Health Care

Minnesota Department of Health Commissioner Sanne Magnan and Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Cal Ludeman hosted a daylong summit in St. Paul, MN, yesterday on accountable care organizations (ACOs). Harold Miller, the President and CEO of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (, presented the best overview and analysis of ACOs I have heard. Miller is the author of a comprehensive white paper on the subject that can be accessed at

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Gary Oftedahl: Wish you were (had been) here…

My esteemed colleague and leader of ICSI, Kent Bottles (@KentBottles), has highlighted the keynotes from the recent ICSI Colloquium. (

It was my ninth Colloquium as an ICSI staff member, and in my mind the most memorable—for many reasons. The only missing element was…….or at least some of you. The energy, the passion, the excitement, the conversations reverberated through the halls, going on long after the sessions ended.

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Kent Bottles: Colloquium on Health Care Transformation

I am still recovering from hosting the ICSI/IHI Colloquium last week at the St. Paul RiverCentre. The three days flew by, and I am still energized by meeting so many people from all over the country. Each day started at 6:00 a.m. and ended with faculty dinners until 9:00 p.m., but the connections and the discussions left me wanting more.

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Gary Oftedahl: iPad, iMyGoodness

In what seems to be a distant past post, I expressed my exuberant feelings about my exposure to the iPhone. ( In the past nine months, my interest in the use of this technology in health care, not to mention life, has continued. It is that interest, aligned with my personal version of ADHD, which now leaves me with more than 160 applications on my iPhone. While many of them are “intellectually inactive,” I continue to ponder the impact of this technology on a non-techie baby boomer like myself.

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