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Gary Oftedahl: Using the Third Degree

Psst, I need your help. Well, actually it’s not your help I need, but you can be of assistance in a way you might not realize. In my role as Chief Knowledge Officer at ICSI, I have a great job, but while it comes with its perks, it also comes without any formal authority, or executive largess, with which to promote the work in which I’m involved.

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Jim Trevis: Are You Still Following Your Medical Dreams?

I’ve been feeling exceptionally good recently. Part is due to my son being selected as one of 50 college students to get a scholarship to the Telluride Film Festival. My daughter Laura, the world changer, spent four months in her beloved Guatemala. My wife, who thinks our yard is a northern Tara, will soon have pictures of her perennial gardens in the Minneapolis Star Tribune. And at an advanced age (call me Grandpa Moses of the literary field), I’m self-publishing my first novel and so far four people want to buy a copy.

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