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Jim Trevis: Why Do Many Oppose Evidence-based Health Care?

In my role as director of communications with ICSI, I get to see real collaborative work done between providers, health plans and patients to improve the quality and lower the cost of health care. For nearly 18 years doctors have used our evidence-based health care guidelines around the world to deliver high-quality care for patients with illnesses ranging from asthma to congestive heart failure.

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Gary Oftedahl: Unintended Consequences–from the Dumbest Smart Person I Know

If only life resembled the model that I carry in my mind, it would be so simple. I often struggle to find topics on which to blog, contemplating how I might use my cleverness, my wit, my self-deprecation to engage the audience. It really isn’t that hard. I just have to remember that I’m one of the dumbest smart people I know. I don’t need to search deeply to find a topic, I just need to stop every time I laugh at myself, and recognize there’s likely a story behind that laugh that proves a point.

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Gary Oftedahl: The Platform’s Burning–Now What?

In addressing the need for change, there are many metaphors that can be evoked as a call to action. How we get people’s attention, and sustain that, is critical in many projects dealing with change. Whether we’re unfreezing and freezing, transitioning, or incorporating Prochaska’s levels of readiness, there is recognition that we need to create a compelling message to stimulate change.

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Gary Oftedahl: Health Care Innovation–Preparing for the Unexpected

While there are numerous efforts underway to transform the health care system, many of them continue to build on our experiences from the past, attempting to modify programs which have been previously successful in an effort to identify what will be of value in moving into the future.

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