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Jan Schuerman: Je Suis Venue. J’ai Appris. Je Me Souviendrai.

They came from the far reaches of the globe and differed in so many ways. Their native tongues differed. The way they structured and implemented health care delivery was different. The degree to which they can influence the adoption of shared decision-making (SDM) varied. But they all had one thing in common. To them, the effectuation of SDM was largely unrealized.

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Gary Oftedahl: Thoughts on Being a Thought Leader–I think?

It’s happened again. I think it’s a compliment, I suspect it’s well intended, but at times I’m suspicious. I guess it’s just my nature, perhaps my lot in life. What’s that you say? What is he rambling about this time? It’s that term which is often applied to me when a discussion occurs–“You’re a great thought leader.” At a recent meeting, in referencing my involvement in a national project, I was told I had a large role, primarily as a “thought leader.” This has happened often, but it started me pondering.

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Gary Oftedahl: The Challenge of Being a Catalyst

Admit it, we all like to be recognized for a job well done. Whether being sited at a local meeting, seeing our name linked to a successful outcome, or being published in a peer-reviewed journal, those of us in health care have many of the same human needs as demonstrated by any others in our society. We all like to be associated with a “winner” and, when possible, have others thank us personally for our hard work and creativity. That’s why it’s often times really, really hard to be a catalyst, but also sometimes really, really important.

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Gary Oftedahl: Excavation in a time of Innovation

There is a huge need in the health care arena for new ideas, new concepts, and the ability to implement these efforts into the system. A word freely thrown around is “innovation” and the opportunities for health care to be transformed through use of that concept.

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