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Gary Oftedahl: On Limerence and Health Care Reform–a Quandary?

At every turn, we in health care are being told we must fundamentally change the way we deliver care to the patients who come to us for assistance, advice, and decisions as to how they can, if not maintain health, at least survive in an increasingly burdensome world. Whether referenced as medical home, health care home, advanced primary care, patient-centered approaches, or accountable care organizations, it all sounds the same when you look under the hood—CHANGE is expected and is needed, so get with it.

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Janet Schuerman: The iPad is a Reported Carrier of Infectious Engagement”

You have undoubtedly already read many tales of how the iPad has changed a life, so I won’t bore you with details of how giving my 89-year-old mother an iPad created a You Tube/Netflix/eBook/E-mail monster although she had never touched the iMac I hooked her up with three years ago.

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Gary Oftedahl: The Invisible Gorilla–is he in our Medical Home?

Many of you are familiar with the famous “invisible gorilla” experiment, wherein a watchful audience, being instructed to watch closely for the number of passes made with a basketball, fails to see a rather large, and deliberate gorilla march slowly across the screen, stop in mid picture and thump his/her chest. In fact over 1/2 of those tested failed to notice this obvious action. The predominant response is one of suspicion and denial—“you showed a different video.” It is all part of an eloquent piece of work that raises several issues regarding “illusions” predominant in human behavior.

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