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Gary Oftedahl: ACO (Alternative Constructive Opinions) on ACO’s and Kathryn Schulz

It took only a single Google search to confirm my suspicions. An input of “Responses to ACO Rules and Regulations” on my laptop created an opportunity to review 2,740,000 responses. Perusing some of those supported the belief I’ve heard from many that CMS was WRONG. WRONG on many accounts in attempting to create a set of regulations for supporting the development of ACOs. Of course it was inevitable. I don’t think anyone’s surprised, certainly not me.

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Gary Oftedahl: A DIAMOND in the rough–moving forward

For the past 5+ years I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the DIAMOND initiative in Minnesota. ( Our focus was twofold: improve care delivery for patients with depression in primary care, using an evidence-based model, and work on the associated need for payment reform to sustain the program.

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