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Gary Oftedahl: Addressing the Commons Dilemma– a RARE Opportunity

It all began with a local issue in a distant time, with a pasture, a group of herders, and a limited place in which to graze livestock. It now has become a major concept highlighted in many arenas, which may help us better understand how to transform health care. But it also may be a distraction if not considered in the proper context.

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Gary Oftedahl: Is Anybody Home—and Accountable? Check, Please!

Check, please! No, I’m not impatiently waiting for my dinner bill. I’m looking for a reality check. Such as, does anyone really think we’re ready as a health care system for the upcoming reforms being promoted? We’re only beginning to fully understand what will be needed to implement the patient-centered medical home model (lovingly and legislatively called health care home in Minnesota) when at the same time we are being trampled by the rush to develop Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). What’s interesting to me is that if I venture outside the Twin Cities metro area, I encounter a significant number of health care providers who don’t even understand what the ACO acronym stands for? Check, please?

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