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Daydreaming— Exercise at it’s best?

Often times during the day, unfortunately sometimes while I’m supposed to be focusing on a specific task, I find my thoughts wondering to other things—isn’t that hawk circling in the sky outside my window fascinating, what is it like to soar so freely through the air, I wonder if I could ever write a book, what might it mean if the Mona Lisa actually was the great painting everyone thinks it was, what should I wear to the Twins baseball game tonight (outside of black to mourn their play). Perhaps you’ve done the same, although with different topics, only to be abruptly pulled back into the present.

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Darn that Doorway! It’s Easy to Forget

We’ve all experienced it. Or at least I have, and I was beginning to think it was my advancing age, declining memory, and increasing forgetfulness. You’re sitting in a room, working on a particular project, when you realize there’s something you need to get from another room. Quickly, you rush to the next room to ….. and then it hits you, you’ve forgotten why you came into the room.

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