Gary Oftedahl, MD, Chief Knowledge Officer at ICSI, has served as Medical Director and Medical Director for Quality with Olmsted Medical Clinic, Medical Director of five long-term care facilities, Board member for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota, Vice Chairman of the Quality Council for Mayo’s MMSI health plan, and President of the Zumbro Valley Medical Society. Dr. Oftedahl has presented frequently on quality improvement methodology, adaptive leadership and the collaborative process. He helped develop the DIAMOND (Depression Improvement Across Minnesota, Offering a New Direction) program, a new way to deliver and pay for care for patients with depression in primary care settings. His impact on health care improvement earned him recognition as one of the 100 most influential health care leaders in 2008 by Minnesota Physician magazine.

Jim Trevis, Director of Marketing and Communications, joined ICSI in 2008. He has more than a decade of health care experience, ranging from health system reform issues with ICSI, and in medical imaging and rehabilitation programs for chronic back pain with health care companies.   A journalism graduate from the University of Minnesota, Jim has extensive experience in editorial, agency, corporate, and marketing communications.

Janet Schuerman, ICSI Program Lead, joined the organization in 2009.  She is involved in directing and managing staff on several of ICSI’s health care reform initiatives, such as health care affordability and palliative care.  She also leads ICSI’s work in shared decision-making between clinicians and patients.


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