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Gary Oftedahl: Excavation in a time of Innovation

There is a huge need in the health care arena for new ideas, new concepts, and the ability to implement these efforts into the system. A word freely thrown around is “innovation” and the opportunities for health care to be transformed through use of that concept.

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Jim Trevis: Why Do Many Oppose Evidence-based Health Care?

In my role as director of communications with ICSI, I get to see real collaborative work done between providers, health plans and patients to improve the quality and lower the cost of health care. For nearly 18 years doctors have used our evidence-based health care guidelines around the world to deliver high-quality care for patients with illnesses ranging from asthma to congestive heart failure.

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Kent Bottles: Will CER Really Make a Difference if the Public Doesn’t Want It?

Yesterday I was lucky to be invited to a New England Healthcare Institute discussion entitled “From Evidence to Practice: Making CER Findings Work for Providers and Patients “ in Washington, DC.

How to disseminate and implement Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) so that patient care is really improved was the first topic tackled by the expert panel and the moderator, Clifford Goodman of The Lewin Group.

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Gary Oftedahl: On the “Empowered Patient”–a (pre)Cautionary Tale

Ah, I remember the days. For those of us over 40, the world of medicine was characterized and embedded in our memories by the vision of Marcus Welby, in a kindly, paternalistic way, solving complex medical issues, in 60 minutes—including commercial interruptions. Not to mention that he did that while viewing X-rays upside down on a view box, and interpreting EKG strips while viewing them vertically—but that’s nitpicking. Along with his partners, Ben Casey, and Dr. Kildare, an image and expectation of medicine was embedded in our thinking, which has persisted for generations.

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Gary Oftedahl: Will the Medical Home be a Gated Community?

This is a risky post. It’s one that’s not likely to be politically correct, at least at first blush. In fact, it’s likely that some, on reading the title, will immediately assume that this is an attack on the concept of medical home. Believe me, I understand the concept is appealing, and that it has been promoted as the potential savior for health care, primary care, patient-centered care—you can pick your issue of choice, and fit this in.

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Gary Oftedahl: Wish you were (had been) here…

My esteemed colleague and leader of ICSI, Kent Bottles (@KentBottles), has highlighted the keynotes from the recent ICSI Colloquium. (

It was my ninth Colloquium as an ICSI staff member, and in my mind the most memorable—for many reasons. The only missing element was…….or at least some of you. The energy, the passion, the excitement, the conversations reverberated through the halls, going on long after the sessions ended.

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Gary Oftedahl: Drinking from the fire hydrant: Learning together

In the past year, I’ve gone from being a novice with little or no knowledge of social media, to having an active presence (albeit a small one compared to many) on Twitter, a weekly blog post (if only read by me, still of value) and a Facebook account (still trying to see the value of that one).

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Kent Bottles: Archimedes Webinar to Explain Computer Simulation in Evidence-based Medicine

I am writing to invite you to next week’s webinar on the inner workings of the Archimedes Model. This webinar, entitled “How the Archimedes Model Works and is Validated”, will be led by David Eddy, M.D., Ph.D., co-creator of the Model and leading authority in the theory and application of evidence-based medicine and mathematical modeling in health care.

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Kent Bottles: David Eddy Delivers Controversial Reinertsen Lecture About Future of Evidence-based Medicine

At ICSI, we pride ourselves on our evidence-based medicine guidelines. Starting in 1993 under the guidance of President Gordon Mosser, ICSI has developed a global reputation for excellence in providing guidelines that physicians follow and that help improve the care of patients. We proudly check the stats from that show ICSI guidelines are being downloaded and used by clinicians from all over the world. We believe we know guidelines, and fervently believe in the work we do.

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Gary Oftedahl: Here we are again…a cautionary note

Several months ago, the insertion of a few sentences, perhaps not crafted as well as desired, but innocuous to most of us, resulted in a firestorm of public furor. The wish to provide reimbursement for the time a physician/health care provider provides consultation with a patient and family regarding end of life issues quickly became the basis for the well-known if not notorious (depending on your perspective) “death panels.” Pundits, commentators, little old ladies, ministers, for heaven’s sake, almost all venues raised a hue and cry against the evil notion being perpetuated upon our citizens by the inhumane, impersonal, autocratic bureaucrats and health care world.

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