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Daydreaming— Exercise at it’s best?

Often times during the day, unfortunately sometimes while I’m supposed to be focusing on a specific task, I find my thoughts wondering to other things—isn’t that hawk circling in the sky outside my window fascinating, what is it like to soar so freely through the air, I wonder if I could ever write a book, what might it mean if the Mona Lisa actually was the great painting everyone thinks it was, what should I wear to the Twins baseball game tonight (outside of black to mourn their play). Perhaps you’ve done the same, although with different topics, only to be abruptly pulled back into the present.

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Groupthink or Collaborative Genius? Leave me alone!!

Most of my life has been centered around the concept of the individual genius, using a unique skill and set of talents to create a piece of art, a great round of golf, a unique new device—you name it, I was inspired by the creativity and genius exhibited by such unique people.

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Gary Oftedahl: A Cranky Baby Boomer, or not?

Life is passing me by, or so it seems. I’m frustrated at times that just when life is getting interesting, I’m looking at the December of my career, and the baton is being passed to those with more energy, more hair, and more time to continue the work of transforming health care.

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Gary Oftedahl: Thoughts on Being a Thought Leader–I think?

It’s happened again. I think it’s a compliment, I suspect it’s well intended, but at times I’m suspicious. I guess it’s just my nature, perhaps my lot in life. What’s that you say? What is he rambling about this time? It’s that term which is often applied to me when a discussion occurs–“You’re a great thought leader.” At a recent meeting, in referencing my involvement in a national project, I was told I had a large role, primarily as a “thought leader.” This has happened often, but it started me pondering.

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Gary Oftedahl: (Un)common Purpose

I had an epiphany today. That in and of itself makes the day worthwhile, but while often times epiphanies lead to clarity, and provide firm direction for next steps in one’s life or occupation, this did neither. So perhaps it’s not an epiphany, but an awakening.

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Gary Oftedahl: A Reading List from the ICSI Colloquium

If you’ve followed my blog posts over the past 10 months, you’ve gathered I’m an inveterate and insatiable reader. In addition to a love of mysteries, thrillers, and spy novels (I just finished my 15th Lee Child book–61 Hours–so it’s not all about work), I find significant energy from reading books which challenge and provoke my thinking. For your perusal, below is my fourth annual book drawing summary, provided as a service to those who attended our annual ICSI Colloquium–the Cliff note version if you will. Enjoy!!

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Kent Bottles: My Top Ten Books on Behavioral Economics

Several readers of the ICSI Health Care Blog have asked me about behavioral economics which has been mentioned in some posts ( and ( I am by no means an expert in this area, but I am happy to share with you an annotated bibliography of the books that have educated me on the topic.

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Gary Oftedahl: Are We Done with Dunbar?

I’m all about networking, developing relationships, and maintaining a distance if possible (after all I am Norwegian) in advancing my efforts in collaborating with others. I’m struck that while I’m often compared to an “Energizer Bunny” at work, I tend to more closely resemble a hermit when I walk away from the job. As I reflect, it’s getting less and less frequently that I walk away from the job, but that’s another story.

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Kent Bottles: Random Observations on a Trip to Botswana

It is very hot in Botswana and when taking a two-hour walk over sand in the Okavango Delta, my face got really sunburned.

China has a growing presence in this part of Africa. The SinoHydro Company is the main contractor on the new airport terminal being built in time for the big upcoming soccer tournament. At the National Museum down the street from where I am staying in Gaborone, there is a huge Chinese exhibit extolling their free and fair elections, their religious freedom, and their friendship with Africa.

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Gary Oftedahl: Shared Decision Making–is it really?

As we attempt to implement the recommendations of the IOM report, Crossing the Quality Chasm, the focus on patient-centered care has sharpened. The evolving medical/health care home concept has direct implications for the need to have a fully engaged patient and family if there is to be a successful transformation of the way health care is delivered in our country.

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