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Gary Oftedahl: ACO (Alternative Constructive Opinions) on ACO’s and Kathryn Schulz

It took only a single Google search to confirm my suspicions. An input of “Responses to ACO Rules and Regulations” on my laptop created an opportunity to review 2,740,000 responses. Perusing some of those supported the belief I’ve heard from many that CMS was WRONG. WRONG on many accounts in attempting to create a set of regulations for supporting the development of ACOs. Of course it was inevitable. I don’t think anyone’s surprised, certainly not me.

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Gary Oftedahl: The Platform’s Burning–Now What?

In addressing the need for change, there are many metaphors that can be evoked as a call to action. How we get people’s attention, and sustain that, is critical in many projects dealing with change. Whether we’re unfreezing and freezing, transitioning, or incorporating Prochaska’s levels of readiness, there is recognition that we need to create a compelling message to stimulate change.

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Kent Bottles: The Top Ten Books on Human Memory and How It Works

What does memory have to do with health care reform? A lot. My left wing friends would do well to remember that the public option is not really all that important and that Paul Starr has said why in the New York Times op-ed pages ( My right wing friends should remember that the recently passed health care reform law is really similar to those advocated by Richard Nixon before the Watergate troubles, and the Massachusetts law that Governor Mitt Romney signed into law.

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Kent Bottles: Health Care Reform Law and the Struggle between Mind and Heart

Charles M. Blow documents that President Obama’s sales job for the health care reform law has so far resulted in his lowest approval ratings on health care (34%) since taking office. Blow writes that: “This underscores the current fight for the soul of this country. It’s not just a tug of war between left and right. It’s a struggle between the mind and the heart, between evidence and emotions, between reason and anger, between what we know and what we believe.”

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Gary Oftedahl: Insurance mandate….I’m just wondering…

And so it’s here. Despite all the vitriol, the threats, the immediate reflexive actions, the health care reform bill is now law. I was extremely impressed that many seemed to have been able to analyze the 2,500+ page law, and draw immediate conclusions as to the implications of its passage. I claim no such insights and wisdom. But my brain often works in ways that confuse me, if not others, and causes me to think in ways that often make no sense, or at times make too much sense.

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Gary Oftedahl: Is it just me….

Is it just me? Or is the level of civility dropping at a rate faster than the pull of gravity? Is it just me—or has the rush to conclusions accelerated to a rate which appears incompatible with the capability of the human brain to make rational decisions? Is it just me—or has the level of partisanship and division amongst us reached a chasm which exceeds anything described in the Institute of Medicine report, Crossing the Quality Chasm?

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Kent Bottles: Health Care Reform: Maybe We Should All Take a Deep Breath

The Gartner Research Hype Cycle is on my mind today, one day after the House passed the Senate health care reform bill and a reconciliation bill to make some adjustments that now the Senate has to consider. However, as soon as President Obama signs the first bill, the law of the land will be the Senate version of health care reform. Even if the Senate does not pass the second reconciliation bill, health care reform has been achieved. As a health care reform junky, I am now trying to figure out why everyone is so worked up.

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Gary Oftedahl: It’s a Mystery to Me!

The drive to find solutions for the deficiencies in our health care system is accelerating as the issues of cost, poor quality, limited access, poor coordination, disparities, and others become more public. The debates on health care reform, with the recent influx of large amounts of stimulus money, have led to a proliferation of projects and initiatives which will hopefully provide direction in the journey for a transformed health care delivery system.

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Kent Bottles: How Hard Is It to Get Health Care Reform Passed in Congress

My twitter buddy and former summer ICSI intern @agrey (Ashley Grey) invited me to be on a panel for an open forum titled “Health Care Reform 101.” The target audience for the event that was held in the Mayo Auditorium at the University of Minnesota was undergraduate and graduate students. Ashley introduced the topic by stating that only one in four young people between the ages of 18 and 24 are engaged in this timely topic for all Americans.

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Kent Bottles: How to Understand Our Acceptance of Lies, Distortions, and Myths About Health Care Reform

Any rational, well-informed person knows that the status quo of the American health care system is not financially sustainable, does not produce outcomes as good as other countries that spend a lot less money, does not give medical care access to about 50 million Americans, causes about 700,000 bankruptcies every year, and is a major cause of American companies struggling to be successful in an increasingly global economy.

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